Obesity in Men

What causes obesity in men? Obesity statistics and studies have revealed that a small number of cases are due to a hormonal imbalance or disorder. Conversely, obesity may also be a cause of hormonal imbalance, which affects hormones responsible for regulating appetite.

Obesity in Men

Obesity Statistics: Growth Hormones

Growth hormones come into play in obesity. The stats show that these hormones, produced by the pituitary gland, may also affect obesity. Obese people typically have lower growth hormone levels than people with a healthy weight, suggesting another link between obesity and hormones.

Sleep, Obesity and Hormones

Sleep, or rather a lack of sleep, may cause hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain. Shorter sleep times result in higher levels of the hormone ghrelin, as well as lower levels of leptin, the appetite suppressant hormone. Ghrelin stimulates the appetite and the production of fat cells in men. A hormonal imbalance associated with short or disrupted sleep patterns, combined with low energy levels due to lack of sleep, may be part of what causes obesity in some people. The info graphic below will help further your understanding of this cycle.

Hunger and Appetite Hormones

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