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Pharmaceutical Grade Nutraceutical Supplements

Pharmaceutical grade refers to processes which ensure that a substance contains the amount of active ingredient specified and does not contain adulterants, toxins, heavy metals or contaminants. It costs more to produce supplements (or drugs) that are pharmaceutical grade as compared to lesser grades such as food grade, and not all supplements are pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are more expensive reflecting their higher purity and quality. Our ingredients are purchased solely for quality and efficacy. They are sourced only from reputable trusted industry leaders, including the finest suppliers from the U.S., France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

Do I really need to take vitamins or nutritional supplements?

Yes, especially these days, our food is increasingly lacking essential nutrients because of “modern” farming, environmental pollutants, and production methods. It is necessary to have your body fueled with vitamins that promote optimal function to prevent disease.

Does it matter what vitamins or supplements I take? Are there really any differences? Aren’t generic just as good as brand names?

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 allowed for naturally found substances to be sold as food rather than regulated as pharmaceuticals through the FDA. While overall this provides for freedom, it requires the consumer to be educated to protect him or herself. Most manufacturers do not adequately batch test their products for activity or for contaminants. Thus when independent laboratories have published comparisons of activity, they have found marked variability of concentrations of active substances. In addition, contaminants such as heavy metals can be found in some preparations, especially those originating in China. If you are taking high doses of nutraceutical or vitamin supplements and they are contaminated, then you are poisoning yourself even as you are trying to improve your health. As the supplement market grows, it has become harder to obtain quality ingredients, and some herbs are being used in amounts that are unsustainable. Since the consumer is generally uninformed, some companies have taken advantage of the situation to market inactive, sub active or contaminated supplements.

This knowledge in and of itself is very valuable to our patients as taking the wrong supplement can damage one’s health. Thus, there is no such thing as a generic nutraceutical. We are even aware of some pharmaceuticals that have contaminants or a lack of activity, stability or bioavailability, but which have been called equivalent by the medical insurance/managed care industry.

Our patients are taking higher doses of supplements over longer periods of time. If there is even small amount of contamination, this can cause ill health effects. If you value your health or need support for a diseased organ system, we recommend that you purchase the highest quality nutraceutical’s you can afford. That’s where Hormone Logics come in to educate our patients on the difference and to ensure quality Nutraceutical products.